Holiday cottage conversion
This is a view of the cottage from the back garden before work commenced.

Located in the heart of Sherwood Forest, this cottage had not been modernised for a couple of generations. Purchased by its ‘next-door-neighbours’ who believed it had the potential for use as a holiday cottage, the practice prepared a design, which met the brief and also complied with restrictions imposed by the local planning authority.

The design was developed in sufficient detail to permit the client’s chosen builder to provide an estimate of the cost of the works. From there the client was sufficiently confident to instruct his builder directly.

The result is a high-quality build, which is thoroughly up-to-date and yet manages to retain the character of the cottage. Fittings have been selected which are sufficiently robust for the intended use, yet present a consistent style.

You can visit the cottage’s own website at:

Contractor: Rod Neale 01623 871487
Structural design: Peter Murray of Leonard Murray and Associates 01159 224717
Energy assessment: Cameron Energy Consultants Ltd. 01623 631487

In order for the roof of the new part to be no higher than the existing part, yet still provide adequate accommodation within the roof space, it was resolved to build the new part at a lesser pitch than the original.
The finished rear elevation, which faces south and so takes maximum advantage of the sunlit garden