Trolleybus museum

Masts and cables are all a part of the trolleybus scene

The practice has been invited to provide initial proposals for a new exhibition building at the Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft in north Lincolnshire. An accredited museum, its vehicle collection has developed over many years and it now hosts vehicles from many collections throughout the UK who need garaging, repair and conservation facilities.

The sketches shown here were included in a presentation to the Museum’s Executive to help stimulate interest and to demonstrate a way forward.

The practice is always enthusiastic to assist in the early stages of a project where limited funds may be available but an eye-catching presentation can be used to stimulate potential funding sources and interest generally.

The type of building shown here is referred to as a ‘tensile’ structure. Because materials are used in their most structurally efficient way, this method of construction can be cost effective, particularly where large clear-spans are needed. They are ideal for storage or garaging applications where minimum environmental modification is needed as a tensile membrane can then be employed for the external envelope.

It was felt the proposed design emphasised the link between the masts and cables of the trolleybus installation and the masts and cables of the structure.

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