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Harcourt Street elevation.

Under the terms of the appeal, timber pilasters will be fitted beneath the carved wooden 'consoles'. Each pilaster will sit on a wooden plinth.

‘Congratulations’ Good news at ‘The Raj’.
When the owners of ‘The Raj’ Indian takeaway at the corner of Barnbygate & Harcourt Street in Newark took over the shop vacated by Lincolnshire Co-operative they embarked on a programme of improvements to the exterior. Unfortunately they didn’t realise that the work would need planning permission. The District Council’s enforcment officer explained that they would need to apply for retrospective permission.
This practice was instructed to make the necessary application. However, it became clear that the planners were not prepared to accept the new work. The practice came up with proposals which were designed to improve what had already been done. Unfortunately the planners still would not accept the altered shopfront & a formal application was refused.
The owners were then faced with the option of paying thousands of pounds to re-instate an unattractive shopfront.
Instead, the practice offered to prepare an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate which is independent of the local authority. A detailed appeal was prepared & submitted.
On 27 October 2011 the appeal was granted.
The owners can now carry out the minor improvements to the existing shopfront instead of having to rip it all out & start again.

A view of the present arrangement from Barnbygate

Although not using traditional materials, the present arrangement of sparkly black tiles does help to lift the quality of an otherwise drab road junction.

Detail at the entrance door.

The planning inspector agreed that the suggestion to fix a vertical band of tiles to both sides of the entrance door would help restore the vertical emphasis of the earlier design.

The fees for this service were calculated on a time basis as the input required is not possible to anticipate in advance. However, the owners were prepared to accept this & the outcome has saved a great deal of money & days of interrupted trading.

Many thanks also goes to all of the customers & nearby residents who signed the petition supporting the appeal.

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